CMD Group

CMD Group is a company that specializes in providing energetic matrices and strategic raw materials through complete and customized supply chain solutions for the cement industry, steel industry and metallurgy industry in Brazil and abroad.
Our Products
A future with sustainable energy!
We commercialize all types of products for the sectors of energy matrices, coprocessing and cement products.
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Street Lot Água Limpa , S/N
Neighborhood: Zona Rural
City: Ouro Branco /MG
Zip Code: 36.420-000
Street Federação Paulista de Futebol, 799
Building Top Office Tower – Conj 702
Neighborhood: Barra Funda
City: São Paulo /SP
Zip Code: 01.141-040
Avenue Eudes Scherrer Souza, 2.162
Condominium Comp. MONTSERRAT – Room 509
Neighborhood: Colina de Laranjeiras
City: Serra /ES
Zip Code: 29.167-080
Street Deputado Heitor Alencar Furtado, 3350 – Room 909
Neighborhood: Campina do Siqueira
City: Curitiba /PR
Zip Code: 81.200-528
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