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Granulated Basic Slag

Green Coke Petroleum

Green petroleum coke (GPC) is a solid product, obtained by cracking heavy residual oils in waste conversion units known as Coking Units. In these places, the waste from the distillation of petroleum, mainly vacuum residue, is destroyed, in order to obtain derivatives of green petroleum coke.
Main industrial segments where Green Coke of Petroleum can be used are:
  • Siderurgy (sintering, pelletizing, blast furnace, metallurgical coke manufacture)
  • Abrasives (silicon carbide)
  • Pig iron
  • Iron garters
  • Carboniferous
  • Ceramics
  • Cementery
  • Coal-fired power plants
  • Foundry
  • Calcination
  • Gasification
  • Drying of grains
  • Chemical Industry

Energetic Matrices

  • Charcoal Coal

  • Biomasses

  • Carbon fines

  • Co-Processing - Environmental Solutions - Social Responsibility
  • Co-processing is the adequate and sustainable destination of waste and environmental liabilities in cement kilns.
  • Co-Processing Residues
  • Acids, Contaminated Lands, Chemicals, Plastics, Tires